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Should be a Common Wealth

Staff and Board:

Board of Directors:

John Guerrero - President
Felicitas "Tee" Abraham - Vice President
Rob Torres - Treasurer
Maribel Loste - Secretary
Joan Taitano - Member/PAIMI Advisory Council Chair
Danny Ada - Member
Ray Castro - Member
Augusta Palacios - Member
Helen Sablan - Member
Ellena Sutton - Member
Rita Cruz - Member

PAIMI Advisory Council:

Joan Taitano - Chairperson
Mariano Lisua - Vice Chairperson
Angel Mimwes - Secretary
Dr. Adrien Brenn - Mental Heath Professional
Wilma Vilanueva - Service Provider
Sheila Trianni - Attorney
Carlos Ketebengang - Member
Melrosa Rebuenog - Member


James Rayphand - Executive Director
Janet Taitano - Fiscal Officer
Carmen Rebuenog - Administrative Assistant
Jimmy Sablan - Program Manager
Thomas Thornburgh - Program Manager
Jeanne Rayphand - Legal Counsel
Matt Holley - Legal Counsel
Elsie Tilipao - Client Advocate
Cleo Nening - Client Advocate
Greg Borja - Projects Specialist

NMPASI works with the community every day to address some of the CNMI's toughest issues. We are ready to answer your questions and provide and assistance that we can.

Our Mission:
To Protect the civil, legal and human rights of individuals with disabilities.

Proud Member of the CNMI "Tri-Agency"

Additional Resources:

  • Council on Developmental Disabilities (CNMI CDD)
  • University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD)
  • ADA Homepage
  • Guam Developmental Disabilities Council
  • CNMI Office of the Governor and Lt. Governor

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