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Trankilu Alternative Financing Program

(Assistive Technology Low Interest Loan Fund). Loans under the program are administered by a community base organization (CBO) and underwritten by Bank of Saipan. The Loan Program is available to qualified CNMI Residents with disability or a nonresident whose child with disability is a U.S. citizen, or family members, advocates, employers or authorized representative designated by an individual with disability, who intends to use the loan to purchase Assistive technology equipment or services to be used by the individual or child with disability. Applicants may apply at Bank of Saipan, branches in Saipan, Tinian or Rota.

Online Resources:

Trankilu Program Brochure

Trankilu Alternative Financing Program (TAFP) Application

Loan Application (Bank of Saipan).

Our Mission:
To Protect the civil, legal and human rights of individuals with disabilities.

Proud Member of the CNMI "Tri-Agency"

Additional Resources:

  • Council on Developmental Disabilities (CNMI CDD)
  • University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD)
  • ADA Homepage
  • Guam Developmental Disabilities Council
  • CNMI Office of the Governor and Lt. Governor

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